SIMPLY GET RESULTS: A universal solution to enhance business performance

We’re very excited to have recently launched our software and service brand in public. It’s been a long time coming. Over 20 years, our team have been working to connect people to business performance, and proving that with over 70 of the biggest companies. It feels great to have codified that into a powerful solution and made that available to you all.

Not another HR analytics software

At SIMPLY we’re all about business outcomes. This isn’t another HR analytics solution. We go beyond the borders of HR, and make the data organisations have on their people useful for achieving real business outcomes. We connect people data and business data together to uncover hidden insights in the data you have lying around. Our clients:

  • Reduce cost
  • Accelerate growth
  • Optimise change

Why SIMPLY? Isn’t this hard?

We believe people analytics should be simple. If it isn’t understandable and accessible, there’s no point. Sure, there might be complex maths at work, but senior business leader and HRDs probably doesn’t need to know (even if they’ve very excited about it!). This runs throughout our solutions:

  • Our software tools are easy to use, and curated to provide you the insights you need (not the thousands of metrics and charts you don’t)
  • Our service is tailored to your objectives, with our experts on hand whenever you need them. If you need to know the statistical significant of something: don’t worry, you’ll be first to know
  • Our service delivers practical outcomes – you always receive a combination of data and recommendations on what you can do differently, based on what you’ve done before, and what’s worked elsewhere

Very exciting… but what is it?

What it does

Why clients think it’s awesome

How we work with our clients

Just show me how it works…

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