DigitasLBi transforms businesses for the digital age by blending their left and right brain people together to delight clients.

People are the key driver of both value and cost. Achieving improved profitability meant really knowing what blend was needed, when and how.

We worked with DigitasLBi Operations and Finance teams to build and embed a workforce planning approach, tool and mindset. We prototyped with the UK business, and supported the launch across the business and talent teams, facilitating more powerful discussions using the evidence and ‘what if?’ scenarios to build robust plans.


Brand new insights in the hands of Executive decision makers

“I have greater control of both top and bottom line performance”

Simon Latarche (CFO)

New mindset adopted to people planning

This helped to:

  • Plan the blend of people needed to wow clients in the future
  • Improve margins through optimising use of freelance and contractor staff
  • Build flexibility to respond to new demands like rapid global solution prototyping
  • Identify opportunities to off-shore/near-shore work
  • Synchronise Finances, Sales and Resourcing

DigitasLBi now has greater control of people value and cost across the business, HR and Finance.