Lightning is the UK’s most significant physical network expansion in over a decade, delivering broadband to 3 million more homes in 3-5 years. In a highly competitive market, the leadership team needed to:

  • Know how to expand and outperform the market
  • Take action to build a more efficient workforce
  • Gain greater control over people and productivity

This ambitious plan required a new way of thinking and taking workforce decisions.

Using Virgin Media’s existing people and business data, we applied our People Profit Management® approach with Virgin Media’s Customer and People Insight teams to rapidly identify £7-8m of achievable efficiency opportunities through:

  • Driving a 50% reduction in absence in key customer facing areas – with £1m of cost avoidance already achieved during 2015
  • Reducing staff turnover by 10-20% through multiple actions across the employee lifecycle
  • Consolidating up to 30% of expensive overtime costs into normal ‘full-time’ working hours

The project reinforced the value of People Insight to Virgin Media, and has led to an expanded remit to deliver similar insight for other significant business challenges.

£7-8m of achievable efficiencies

50% reduction in absence in key customer facing areas

Staff turnover reduced by up to 20%