In the quest for revenue and EBITDA growth, Vodafone wanted their face-to-face experience to be the best on the high-street. They needed clarity and control on how people impact performance. Specifically, they wanted the silver bullet to fix attrition.

We worked with a cross functional team drawn from Retail and HR to deliver an insight discovery project into attrition and retail performance. 


 Attrition is about value not cost

Target the biggest impact

Time-to-competence matters

We revealed that:

  • Attrition is about value not cost – While it can marginally lower costs, the greater benefit in a low cost-to-hire environment lies in improving productivity and customer experience
  • High attrition was a myth – Our People Profit Management® analysis showed attrition wasn’t a pervasive issue, instead identifying specific stores and staff groups where the biggest impact could be made
  • Time-to-competence matters – Given that there was a peak in attrition within the first 12 months and it can take several months to be fully competent, a major productivity gain could be made by focusing on reducing time to competence or extending length of service.

“Simply Get Results helped put the right actions in place, and advised on how to track gains over time. As a result, Vodafone will know which ‘silver bullet’ was the one which made the difference.”