Intelligent application of analytics to directly improve results

Reduce Cost

SIMPLY drives multi-million-pound cost savings by identifying and enabling the people actions which make the biggest impact.

Accelerate Growth

SIMPLY identifies & helps to overcome the barriers to growth through better alignment of people to work, customer and financial outcomes.

Optimise Change

SIMPLY identifies how change can be optimised to ensure the best fit between people and strategic goals.

Clarity – connect people to business performance

  • Algorithms map the connections from people to business performance
  • Opportunities automatically quantified & presented
  • Predicted results defined

Control – adjust key people levers to improve results

  • Easy to use functionality supports planning & scenario analysis
  • Actions are automatically converted into forecasts & progress against targets is tracked

Continuous improvement – learn, extend, embed

  • Actual versus planned benefits tracked in real-time
  • Continuous improvement actions highlighted
  • Easy to extend & embed across the enterprise

SIMPLY get results:

Enhance business performance

  • Cost reduction
  • Growth programmes
  • Strategic change
  • Workforce planning

Increase value from HRIS

  • Measures that matter most
  • Overcome ‘step back’ in insight
  • Actionable insights
  • Rapid benefits realisation

Embed analytics capabilities

  • Increase adoption
  • Extend usage
  • Overcome existing issues
  • Enhance business impact

Enhance impact of HR

  • Resourcing & recruitment
  • Performance & reward
  • Talent & learning
  • Engagement & inclusion